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Stephanie Grey 

Location / Hometown : Greenville NC

Website Address :

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Thoughts on Christian Survivors : Passion

Hi Great to find your site. I am a survivor of sexual abuse and domestic violence and as I heal I will also help others heal. I am glad to find a group in Christians where so much kept a secret. We hold the key to help others. God bless.

lucinda mcneice 

Location / Hometown : Newtownabbey, co.antrim.

Website Address : bt

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Thoughts on Christian Survivors : interesting and helpful



very nice website.

Ruth Gedge 

Location / Hometown : Peterborough

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : No

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : I am one

Hi I am Ruth and I am treasurer for Christian Survivors of Sexual Abuse and I also edit the magazine Snowdrop. We on the committee are all survivors. We help both men and women. The address is CSSA, P.O. Box 951, Northampton, NN7 9AS. We also have a website:-

Pastor M.Jaya kumar 

Location / Hometown : India

Website Address :

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Thoughts on Christian Survivors : no

Greetings in Jesus name. I praise and thank God for that He has enabled me to be in touch with you. I am very happy to request you to visit our ministry website for your regular prayers and your kind co-operation.

I whole heartedly invite you to India. I hope to hear from you prayerfully and hopefully. Thanking you.

Your humble servant in Christ,

Pastor M. Jaya Kumar

Sharon Wilson 

Location / Hometown : Southport

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : No

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : Only just come across site so no comments as yet


I went to a meeting in Leicester for C.S.S.A, christian Survivors of sexual Abuse.

I got given a past issue of Snowdrop magazine and it had this address in it.

I am a survivor of child Sex Abuse around 30 years ago. However, I still suffer to a degree now. I also am the mother of two Autistic young adults who have also been abusive towards me physically and was married to a husband who put me down constantly and was repeatedly telling me I'm useless etc.

I am dealing with it all much better now but any support would be most helpful.

patricia garner 

Location / Hometown : australia

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : no

i was abused when i was young but right now i am working on haveing a relationship with god but finding i hard i cant get it to my heart dose anyone have the same hassel help thank you patricia


Location / Hometown : Pryor

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : no, but can I be?

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : I like what I have read so far.

I have been married to an alcoholic for 28 years. I have suffered many kinds of abuse and yet I stay with him. At times I don't know why I do and then I remember the vow I took when I married him. I want to be faithful to the Lord in all I do. I do have a very supportive church family. I was just needing an online outlet to find answers or prayers when needed. Can I find it here?


Location / Hometown : Oklahoma

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : no

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : I have just found the site, so no thoughts yet

I was extremely surprised, and grateful to find this site. it is nice to know that there are other's out there like me. I have long struggled with the concept that God could possibly love me. it is still a daily struggle. As of yet, I do not have a therapist trained in treating DID on any level. The therapist I do have, has no training in this area and actually stated he was not interested in learning. I sense this will be a long journey indeed, as I am only recently diagnosed, and only recently have the alter's started coming out. I look forward to exploring this site!


Location / Hometown : Tulsa, OK

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : Former member

I hope everyone is doing fantastically well in their healing processes. I am learning to forgive people no matter what they do to me. That is a challenge but I'm getting better at is as I allow Jesus to become more and more of a reality in me.


Are You a Member of CS Forums? : no

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : Never could have made it without Him

When I lived with my abuser, I felt despised, rejected, Hopeless, Helpless, alone, frightened. I felt: uneasy, Squelched, angry and Untouchable. I had no friends . I felt as if I were clothed in
Sackcloth with a huge Milestone around my neck, and with a big bell in my hand, and that I may as well have cried out, "Unclean! Unclean!" Those were the wilderness days and night when I would have truly looked upon even a Scorpion as a companion.
I met a Woman who changed my life, by loving me when I was most unlovable, most angry.
Now, His Love leads me and Comforts me. I feel consoled (Regarding my mother's death) and I feel His presence and I'm not forsaken when I am tired of being brave, tired of being strong...Love never fails.

Kathy Barbini 

Location / Hometown : Ashland Oregon

Website Address :

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : no

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : with God's power can healing and thriving are possible

We would like to share our films about healing
from child sexual abuse with you..both The Healing
Years and Boys and Men Healing are utilized by
counseling centers, churches, prisons, universities
and organizations worldwide for education and training.
Please visit our website at
We just received word about your website from a professor at Fuller who utilizes our films for his classes.

Please pass this email on to those in your organization
who may be interested.
Thank you.
Kathy Barbini
Big Voice Pictures


Location / Hometown : California

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : no

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : It's a blessing to find others who've walked the same road...

Thank you for all you do, I appreciate being able to find resources that help me heal and draw closer to God.


Location / Hometown : Chicago

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : not yet

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : it looks good.

I'm asurvivor of suvual, emotional and verbal abuse. The sexual abuse was molestation and it happened when I wa 5 years old b a friend ofthe family which I've never seen again afte that day; the emotional and verbal abuse was by my father (mainly aimed at my mom, but sometimes aimed at me as well) and later on by my one nd only boyfriend I've ever had.

I'm 32, and I'veeen going through the healing process and I'm not all the way there yet. I've never felt comfortable with any feelings of adoration or love for the opposite sex. Whenever I would evenfind myself liking someone even just a little bit I wouldcompletely freak out. I always though that love woul just not be a part of my life. With every rejection I experienced, and with every word from society and my family of how no man would want me because I was too this or too just reiteated that point. A few years ago, God put a deep spiritual connection in y heart with a man. I didn't even know him or anyhing about him, and thespiritual energy was just there. Alhough the experienceof getting to know him should have been an exciting experience that I looked forward too, I did everything in power to sabotage any hope ofus even being freinds, in an effort to protect myself from love or being hurt again; after all, I had resigned myself tobeing alone and never having love as part of my life. I wasn't sure I trusted men anyway, so maybe I was just better off without that. Needless to say, while I wa fightng toprotect myself, God was fighting to draw me into walking in love and that that would be the only thing that would heal me. Since I was trying so hard to protect myself and since I felt the spiritual connection so strong with him, and since it made me so uncomfortable the way he would look at me(which wasn't vulgar or disrespectful, just in a way to suggest that he thought I wa beautiful)I went overboard trying to protect myself and began t be mean to him. As I started to reach out to other believers (mostly women) who I was sure would uderstand how I felt, I not only found that they didnt, I found that they actually thought that I was going after him...which ifuriated me.
It's been a number of years now and the pain not only of having had to go through sexual emotional and verbal abuse, but also of feeling fear about love and of love for as long as I can remember, and also of being si grossly misunderstood to mst people that I've ever even tried to reach out to including my own therapist, has caused so much anger, and so much pain and so much anxiety in my life.
I think it's quitepossible that I may have pushed away my only chance at real true love, and at the same time I'm still so afraid of the idea of really loving someone and being vulnerable with them. I don't trust men and I'm not comfortable being vulnerable with them at all. I don't feel there's any human being that really uderstands how I feel and that is sooo painful. I'm so angry at them for not understanding even though I know it isn't their fault.
I've wanted to leave my church, leave God, become a drg addict, a sex addict an alcoholic, a demoniac, anything to desensitize from the pain. I came into the body of Christ with wounds I thought would be healed, and instead they were infected. I don't know what to do. I don't trust anyone anymore...not just men, anyone...and I don't know if I'll ever be able to bring myself to really love someone.....I don't know if this will ever get better. me.
If you can tell me about a support group in chicago for survivors of sexual abuse or for other people scared of love...I would really appreciate it. Thanks...and thanks for what you do.


Location / Hometown : costa rica

Thank you for your help. This is my story in spanish language.
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