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Location / Hometown : USA - Virginia

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : no, but would like to be

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : Grateful to find a place of acceptance and understanding for those of us who are diagnosised with these very misunderstood and mystifed survivors among the Christian population.

I am thankful to have found this site. The Lord must have led me to your site, because over this past week I have really been struggling with my spirituality and what God thinks of me. I am a Christian who has been diagnosised with DID/PTSD, and I am struggling with how my spirituality and relationship with God fits into this aspect of my life.

I am really struggling with a sense of failure that of some fault of my own, I have not been healed from these issues due to my lack of faith. Somehow I feel feel ashamed and worry about what God thinks of me because I have been diagnosis with DID/PTSD.

I think I'm driving my therapist "nuts" (no pun intended) with God accepting me with all my "insiders" (I like that term). I can't seem to open my heart up to the Lord because of the shame and confusion I struggle with right now. I find it so hard to accept myself this way and to believe that God does too.

Also, in the midst of these struggles, I am seeing such a huge gap and need between the Churches and other Christian communities which need to be addressed somehow. Christains and Churches need to be educated and equipped to reach out to those in their congregation and attendees that struggle with these so misunderstood mental health issue, from minor to the chronic suffers.

I hope I haven't said too much.


Location / Hometown : usa

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : its a God send

Hi im new hear i have been sexualy abused as a kid and domestis violance and coming to reality that their was incest involved to enless flash backs working on unforgivness i want God to take it all i need help its a burden i have been caring around a life time!!!!!!frustrated use and violated.afrid


Location / Hometown : Grande Praiirie

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : I would like to be No Not yet

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : greatful need extra help right now not doing as well as i like

I was diagnosed 6 weeks ago my alters are abused and some are angry Jesus has given the peace and strength to survive before i found god what a mess i was and so lost the agony of what did is painful and i am still struggling with addictions my relationship with god i am afraid and as the counseling is going on what we have pushed away to survive and have what we believe i never want to be with out god in here i need him so much i am afraid he will leave with the truth he doesn't the alter who wants to do what ever she wants is causing the most problems I need to be christian i need to know god loves me and not knowing how to be is so exhausting! thank you Jesus for this web site!

sylvia asplet 

Location / Hometown : 232 buff pont ave buff pint

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : no

I would like to know others whom love jesus


Location / Hometown : Durham, North Carolina

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : no

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : You betcha

Hi My name is Maria. I was diagnosed with
DID back in 94. I had very successful counseling and had done very well for awhile with nobody pooping up for about 7 years,but due to some health illness and reconnecting with some of my family. I have felt very vulnerable and have had some things popping up again. This is very surprising to me. I thought I was totally intergrated. Sorry my spelling isn's the best. I don't even know what my beliefs are anymore. I have been preached at to much and can't even go to church anymore and I wonder if I believe in jesus. I do my best to pray but I really don't know where I belong anymore.


Website Address :

Thank you for making this important ministry available. May the Lord bless you in your journey of healing and helping others regain the ability to trust and to love.

Lisa McCullough 

Location / Hometown : Paducah, KY

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : NO

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : God is the only way I survived and I thank Him every day that He never left my side!

Hello, I am a survivor of DID, it has been and is a journey! I need groups like this to help me stay focused and moving forward.
Thank you so much,
I would like to find out about becoming a member of this group.


I'm so glad to have found this website tonight... I had DID and although its been a long journey of recovery, the mountain has been REMOVED and cast into the sea.... Jesus just merged me into wholeness yesturday... I feel an incredible completeness and peace inside.. I feel like I have new eyes and so much of the world is visible that I could not see before merging...It will take some getting used to and walking it out, but I just want to encourage anyone with DID to keep seeking and asking... Jesus restores our souls and He is faithful to complete the good work He has begun in you... with love, deb

Debra Cornacchia 

Location / Hometown : NY

Website Address :

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : Excellent site


Love your site...thanks for helping those who struggle

l. rivers 

Location / Hometown : florida

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : no

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : victorious

i, too, have survived an spiritual abuse. it has made me all but almost question my mental health, the leadership knew of my domestic issues and i was just healing from them. they even encouraged a relationship that was not of the norm. i thought that i was doing something spiritual. now, the person is with someone who is a recovering addict and has caused havoc. i allowed it. this is my first step of healing from this. his family is very powerful and well-known. to others he looks very loving. appearances are deceitful.

Norberta Russo 

Location / Hometown : Potsdam N.Y.

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : no

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : This looks like a helpful site

I have DID and most of my alters have merged. All but 3. My Pastor sent me this web-site.

Linda Owen 

Location / Hometown : Corpus Christi, Texas

Website Address : none

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : no, still exploring

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : JESUS is the safest person there is and always available

Searching - would like to find a live group where I could meet face to face and interact.

Gilda Jernigan 

Location / Hometown : Cottonwood, Alabama

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : no

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : I want to survive too

I will be going to a church tomorrow night for the first time to attend a recovery class or whatever. I am terrified, but ready to get started. I was looking for Christian Recovery and came across your site. Just checking it out.


Location / Hometown : Phoenix, IL

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : Not yet

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : Very necessary

A very good friend just emailed your site to me, and I am happy he did. It's good to know something like this exists for Christian survivors of different forms of abuse. There are no magic bullets when it comes to living a "normal" life, because I still have "flashbacks" of a lot of it. I do know God has been instrumental in my finding various programs that help me further study Him and His love for me. I don't know why these things happened at such a young age. Maybe I am not supposed to understand. However, as an older woman, I've been blessed to sponsor other young women who also have been abused. I am not the most profound counselor, but I know God has helped me place in their hearts that, contrary to many people's words(ESPECIALLY FELLOW CHRISTIANS), the abuser does NOT ask for her/his abuse, and abuse does NOT happen because God has turned from us! I will share this site with them. Please let me know if I can do that. Thank you


Location / Hometown : Round Lake Beach

Website Address : CSM

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : No

Still Wondering. Getting Info. Have a Lot of Questions.
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