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Location / Hometown : Indiana

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I have just come across your website. My Spiritual abuse seems different than you describe. Me and my two siblings were taken from our church that we had gone to all our life and also all our relatives went there, by our Mother. Eventually my Father went also, to a Baptist Church. Our lives changed dramatically! We were no longer allowed to listen to mainstream music, we couldn't dance, couldn't go to movies, couldn't wear fashionable clothing, I couldn't be a cheerleader anymore. We were forced to carry our Bible to school and were supposed to pass out tracts to the other students. This was 1968. My sister was 15 and I was 13 and my brother was 10. My sister was not allowed to go to her senior prom as the church held there own. We were not suppose to be with "other children" yet they had been our friends for a long time. My Mother was the controlling person in the home as she worshiped the "pastor" and he could do no wrong. Several times she would call him to come to our house when she thought we had done wrong and we argued with her.
It was a horrible time for me, I really didn't realize until just recently that it was just as bad for my siblings. My brother is an alcoholic since about 18. My sister has battled this for years, and changed churches many times. I have been married 4 times and still find it hard to go to a church. My mother is still at 82 attending this same church even though the pastor that she adored left after 40 years. I cannot set foot in that church for nothing!
I am going to a counselor who actually diagnosed me with spiritual abuse among others. I actually had never heard the term before, but it certainly applied to me and my siblings.
I am getting better, but it is so difficult sometimes. I have such twisted thinking because of the abuse and it is hard to see otherwise, believe me it is just like brainwashing. Thanks for your website and allowing me to post this so that others might seek help.

Nopey Fig 

Location / Hometown : Rhode Island

Website Address :

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : yes

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : I am a survivor of sexual abuse and physical abuse, I am so lonely, in need of support. I enjoy this forum and it;s helpful information. I would love to have a friendship with other survivor.

Hi I am new here so I am not sure how everything works, I am a survivor of sexual and physical abuse. Just became paralyzed. I have no support, and I am looking for frinds, who can email me and we can help each other, if that is something that can been done through the forum. My days are so full of sadness, the sexual exploitation is recent and the paralyzed is recent, the doctor who did it still carries on. Just wanting help and to help. to have a friend I am not even sure what a friend is because I can honestly say I never had one.
Nopey Fig


Website Address :

Good to know that this is available for people who need it.

Carla Abrams 

Location / Hometown : Northern Los Angeles area, CA

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : not yet

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : God is amazing, his mercy endures forever

Just found this site, thank you Lord. My journey of healing from years of sexual and emotional abuse from age 7ish- 12 has been such that I've worked on it as much as I can, I KNOW Christ came and to set US (incl. me specifically) free.
Yet the fruits in my life haven't been good and I continued to be more and more severely depressed and hopeless because even though I believed and knew He came to break the unhealthy and painful cycles, my fruit (precious kids) have/had experienced similar results of abuse in their psyches/souls even though they had not experienced the sexual abuse that i had.
A few years ago a prayer counselor/therapist "got deeper" than i had experienced through other counselors and after taking some tests found a strong possibility i was dissasociative (DID). We've finally been moving ahead and it helps so much, hard work, but healing is coming to parts of me i never imagined were parts.
Although I knew and fought against the occult crap and new age religion (specifically for us, Theosophy) that was VERY strong in my family (grandmom a well-loved and respected PhD who arduously embodied all that is "good" sans Christ and vehemently opposed that He died for her sins). I have had extremely limited remembrances of life before about 6 yrs old, but was told I was very sick and had severe asthma even as a baby?
Through our prayer and healing journey it has come to the surface that i did endure SRA. And so NOW I am SAD, but that is not the same as depressed. D is the overall encompassing thing. Sadness is okay because it is specific and i know god is lovingly here to meet me.
While he truly is joy more than we can know, I am SO glad he also is a man of sorrows, well-acquainted with grief. bless you each and every who reads this.

David Marsh 

Location / Hometown : Scunthorpe,North Lincolnshire.U.K

Website Address :

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : no

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : Great Website.

Keep up the good workd,from us all at Tom Thumb,yours David.


I'm very happy to find this site! I have been mentoring a dear friend for about 4 years and trying to find help for her. I have shared your site info with her in hopes she will join and submit her poetry (which is quite awesome). Thanks for the journey as we work at understanding more about multiples.

jamie quiggins 

Location / Hometown : louisville ky

Website Address :

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Thoughts on Christian Survivors : Courageous

I am a survivor of sexual abuse as a child for 11 years of my life. Physical abuse for the first 10 years of my life and neglect all my life except the last 3 years.Im only 20. Every time I find my way and things are really good satan comes into my life. I have a hard time dealing with it. My foster parents won't ever understand but all they tell me is pray. I do and I feel like I can make it another day!! Its been a long road!!!

Rev. CH Steven C. Mendoza 

Location / Hometown : 4 Country Club Road Apt. 18

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : NO

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : Christian Ministry

My heart cries-out to survivors of any abuse. As a former victim advocate & sexual assault response coordinator, I know the pain of survivors. I am presently a trainer for the Army in sexual harassment & assault.
Jesus is the answer to a survivors' future and is an everlasting hope, a chance to find healing and restoration. It is so awesome to see Christian organizations step-up to the plate and be pro-active for survivors. A wonderful safe-haven, a chance to find God's love, acceptance, and healing in these organizations, is truly a blessing from God.
I salute you all for what you're doing for survivors.

Patricia Chandler 

this seems like a great sight to have and be on, i found this while looking for things for Christians that were sexual abused. i was abused for 6.5 years and i haven't talked about it at all, no one except me and my abuser no what happened fully, but i kno its time to seek help and support but in a good way and from people that understand the fear.


Location / Hometown : London, England

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : no

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : fantastic website

Hello there my names Gilderoy.

Very touching website.

All the very best.


Location / Hometown : Oregon

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : not yet

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : appreciate the articles and support

Recently hitting some brick walls. Have come a long way and still have a long way to go. Was comforted remembering there are others like me.


Thanks This is making things easier.....


Location / Hometown : Marystown

Website Address :

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : no

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : keep up the good work!

Great site!


Location / Hometown : Southampton

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : No

I was pleased to find your website while I was looking for support.
I am a church abuse victim who has been destroyed by the church for speaking up and I am homeless and in a mess as a result. Going to church traumatises me now, so I hope that Christian survivors can help me get over that.

Author Aleja Bennett 

Location / Hometown : New York

Website Address :

Are You a Member of CS Forums? : Yes

Thoughts on Christian Survivors : This is a blessing to be here

I survived abused a s an unwanted adopted child, homeless, addicted to alcohol while looking for love in a cold, lonely cruel world of people that didn't stop until all I had was taken, meaning my three children due to manipulation and lies. My books and songs will give others the strength I have to endure the unfairness that will hit us in life. I wanted to jump off a roof but instead I am still standing because of the love that God has always had for me and us all.
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